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The West Bengal government is focusing on adding 2,000 electric buses to its fleet and converting at least 3,000 diesel-run buses to CNG-powered vehicles in the next several years to minimise vehicular pollution, according to state Transport Minister Firhad Hakim.

Around 80 electric buses are already operating on Kolkata's roadways, according to Hakim, who also stated that a pilot project to convert 30 fossil fuel-powered buses to CNG-powered buses has been completed with good results.

"We're seeking for 2,000 electric buses and hope to add them to our fleet in the next three to four years. Due to a shortage of lithium batteries, the manufacture of such green buses is now limited "Hakim, who is also the mayor  said.

The state transportation plan's main goal is to limit the usage of fossil fuels, which will result in much less pollution and better air quality.

When asked if the lack of charging stations is a matter for concern, he said that there are 76 of them.

"Urban transportation will soon be entirely electric, and the conversion of existing buses to CNG is well underway. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and I encourage all residents to join us in this fight for a better future for our children and grandchildren "Earlier in the day, Hakim sent out a tweet.

Speaking on the usage of compressed natural gas (CNG), a less expensive and environmentally beneficial alternative to fossil fuels, he said the department plans to gradually convert 30,000 diesel-powered buses to CNG-powered vehicles.