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The opposition stepped up pressure on Nupur Sharma on Monday (June 6, 2022), demanding that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader be arrested for her inflammatory statement about Prophet Muhammad. The opposition parties slammed the saffron party's suspension of spokeswoman Nupur Sharma and expulsion of Delhi media chief Naveen Kumar Jindal as "drama" and "farce," and demanded strict legal action against the two. They also criticised the BJP-led Centre, accusing it of tarnishing the country's image.

While questioning why those responsible for making offensive comments had not yet been arrested, Congress stated that it was unacceptable for the country to apologise for such errors.

"Instead of staging a show of action against anti-social individuals in the party who have publicly defamed India, it should arrest them immediately," Congress said.

"With its hate-mongering propaganda politics, the BJP has not only disgraced the country, but also put the country that once stood for peace and harmony on trial in front of the entire world," it added.