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According to a police official on Tuesday, six people have been arrested in the rape case involving a 17-year-old girl that occurred on May 28 in the Jubilee Hills region of Telangana's Hyderabad (June 7). "All five youngsters, as well as one major, have been apprehended. The only major is Saduddin Malik. "Four of the accused have already been brought before the Juvenile Home, and the remaining two will be brought before the Juvenile Home today," said CV Anand, Hyderabad City CP. "In this case, we did a thorough investigation. In this situation, there are five minors and one major.

In this situation, there are five minors and one major. On March 28, a Banglore resident requested his three pals to hunt for a pub to hold a party. Amnesia Pub was proposed by three people. The Amnesia pub was booked by Osman and another guy. More than 150 people payed to enter the pub. Later, they paid a one-lakh advance," said CV Anand, the Commissioner of Police in Hyderabad, during a press conference here.

According to accounts, the defendants are members of powerful political families. One of those detained is the son of an AIMIM MLA. While four of the suspects had previously been arrested, the police reported the arrest of two more on Tuesday night, including the MLA's son.

According to IANS, five of the accused, including a major, were involved in penetrative intercourse with the victim, while the sixth, a juvenile and son of an MLA, was charged with molestation.

The son of a leader of the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), who heads a government body, and a relative of the MIM MLA are among the four minors implicated in gang rape. The act was also performed in an Innova car that had been hired for government work, according to police. The automobile was eventually taken from the TRS leader's farmhouse.