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On Tuesday, the Kerala gold smuggling case took a new turn when chief accuser Swapna Suresh claimed that she has testified in court about Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, his wife, and daughter's participation in the case. She alleged that currency was sent to Vijayan in his luggage while he was in Dubai in 2016, but the Chief Minister reacted angrily, calling Swapna Suresh's charges "part of the political agenda."

"I've already testified in court 164 times about a threat to my life. All of the people engaged in this case have been declared in court by me. In addition, I have filed a petition in court seeking protection. They're thinking about it. I have testified in court about the involvement of M Sivasankar (then Kerala CMO's principal secretary), the Chief Minister, the CM's wife Kamala, the CM's daughter Veena, his secretary CM Raveendran, then Chief Secretary Nalini Netto IAS, then minister KT Jaleel, and others "Swapna Suresh was quoted by ANI as saying.

"Sivasankar approached me in 2016 while the Chief Minister was in Dubai. I was the consulate's secretary at the time. Sivasankar informed me that the CM had forgotten a luggage that needed to be delivered to Dubai as soon as possible. The bag was handed over to a diplomat at the embassy, as directed by the consulate general. We discovered the bag contained money when the consulate official brought it in. In the consulate, we have a scanning machine. Then we have to scan any packages that arrive. That's how it all began "She was also quoted.