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Lawrence Bishnoi was brought from Mansa to Mohali early Wednesday, a day after the Punjab Police received his seven-day detention in connection with the murder of Sidhu Moosewala.
Bishnoi was transferred to Mohali under under security. 50 Punjab Police officers, two bulletproof vehicles, and 12 e*cort vehicles made up the gangster's convoy.
The police had previously stated that all routes used to convey Bishnoi would be videotaped. This comes after his lawyer informed a Punjab court that if transit remand is granted, the criminal might be "eliminated."
"All we're against is his bodily transit remand to Punjab." If necessary, Punjab Police can arrest him in the matter, but only in Delhi," Bishnoi's lawyer stated, according to news agency ANI.

Bishnoi is a prominent suspect in the assassination of late musician Sidhu Moosewala, who was killed near his home village in Mansa, Punjab. According to the Punjab Police, Bishnoi's detention was necessary in order to solve the crime.

"The same has been confirmed by Lawrence Bishnoi's social media post, in which he claims responsibility for carrying out Sidhu Moose Wala's planned murder. The supposed accused Lawrence Bishnoi was questioned by Delhi Police, and they plainly revealed that Lawrence Bishnoi was a key conspirator in the intended murder of Sidhu Moose Wala via press conferences," it had said.