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"Demolitions must be in conformity with law, they cannot be retaliatory," the Supreme Court ruled in a notice to the Uttar Pradesh administration over the demolition of homes of persons accused in recent riots in the state.

Before taking up the case again next Tuesday, the Supreme Court has requested responses from the state government as well as the local authorities of Prayagraj and Kanpur. "Everything should appear to be in order...we anticipate the authorities acting exclusively in accordance with the law. Ascertain safety so that nothing untoward occurs "The judges agreed.

The court did not order a halt to demolitions, stating that: "We're not going to be able to stop the demolitions. We can say that you should act in conformity with the law."

The Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind had addressed the Supreme Court, requesting that it take action against officials involved for what they deemed "illegal" house demolitions.

According to the petition, the court should ask the UP government to ensure that no further demolitions occur without due process.

Property of people suspected of participating in violent protests against two BJP leaders' controversial comments about Prophet Muhammed was recently demolished in Uttar Pradesh. Houses demolished at Kanpur, Prayagraj, and Saharanpur belonged to the perpetrators of violence.

The demolitions were "shocking and disgusting," petitioners said the Supreme Court, claiming that notices were not served until after the homes were demolished.

"Adequate notification is required. The actions taken are unconstitutional and alarming. It's being done by focusing on a specific community "According to CU Singh, a lawyer for the petitioners.

According to the rules of the state of Uttar Pradesh, a notice of at least 15 to 40 days is required before any demolition.

"The respondents (the Uttar Pradesh government) will be given opportunity to submit their objections. In the meanwhile, we should assure their (affected parties') safety. Let's be clear: they're also members of society. When someone has a complaint, they have the right to have it handled "Justice AS Bopanna stated.