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In the AK-47 recovery case, a special court in Patna sentenced Bahubali RJD MLA Anant Singh to ten years in prison on Tuesday (June 21). An AK-47 rifle, two hand grenades, and 26 live cartridges were confiscated from Anant Singh's home in his native village in 2019, and he was found guilty of the crime by the MP-MLA court on June 14. Sunil Ram, Anant Singh's housekeeper, has also been sentenced to ten years in prison. The RJD MLA and his caretaker have been sentenced to the maximum penalty by MP-MLA court judge Triloki Dubey.

His legislatorship in the Bihar Assembly will be jeopardised if he gets convicted in the case. Anant Singh is now a member of the Patna district's Mokama Assembly constituency.

Sunil Singh, Anant Singh's (Defense Lawyer) lawyer, affirmed the sentence of ten years in prison.

"We will appeal to a higher court to overturn the MP-MLA court's ruling. Anant Singh's legislatorship will be preserved if we can secure a stay from the high court against this ruling "Singh remarked.

Anant Singh arrived in a jail ambulance at the MP-MLA court in the Pirbahore region of Patna this morning.

On August 16, 2019, a team of Patna police led by then-City SP Lipi Singh raided Anant Singh's home in his hometown of Nadwa, which is part of the Barh police station. The raiding squad allegedly seized an AK-47 gun, 26 live ammunition, and two hand grenades, according to the police theory. The hand grenades were recovered from the adjacent hut while the AK-47 rifle was hidden under a large box in a hutment.

The AK-47 was uniformly wrapped in a plastic bag, followed by layers of carbons, according to the authorities, to evade detection in metal detectors during shipment.

Anant Singh was not in Bihar at the time of the attack. He fled to Delhi, where he surrendered to a subordinate court. He was apprehended by Bihar police and imprisoned at Patna Beur jail. He has been imprisoned in Beur since then.

The prosecution called 13 witnesses during the case's three-year trial, and their comments were recorded in court. In addition, the defence presented 34 witnesses before the court.

On June 13, the case was concluded, and he was found guilty on June 14.