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As they anticipate a larger threat perception to the pilgrims this year, security forces have put in place unprecedented security measures for the Amarnath yatra. The Army official, who wished to remain unnamed, claimed that security forces have been positioned around the yatra in three to four times more numbers due to genuine intelligence of a potential militant strike. "This year's Amarnath yatra is perceived as being more dangerous. Every year, we receive information about terrorists planning to attack the yatra, but this year, there have been more of these reports, the officer stated.

The officer stated that despite the administration's attempts to ensure a safe and secure yatra, "we cannot say that we have made it 100% flawless." The three-tier security procedures for the pilgrims will also include drone surveillance and RFID chips in addition to the deployment. Three Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists who were recently murdered in encounters were sent from Pakistan to assault the yearly Amarnath Yatra, according to Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Kashmir Vijay Kumar on June 14.

He claimed that the administration anticipates a rise in yatris this year, particularly given that the pilgrimage is taking place for the first time in four years — it was suspended in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID pandemic and cancelled in the middle of 2019 when the Centre revoked J-special K's status. The officer said, "These concerns have also been taken into consideration when making security arrangements."