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The Tripura High Court's summons of Home Ministry representatives in response to a petition objecting to the Ambani family receiving central security protection was today suspended by the Supreme Court. The Centre has claimed before the Supreme Court that protection for one family cannot be a matter of public interest, casting doubt on the High Court's authority to consider the activist's public interest lawsuit.

The Centre notified the Supreme Court today that although the High Court had summoned the officials for yesterday, it was unable to hear the case since the judges were not accessible.

The national government had previously informed the High Court that Mukesh Ambani and his wife Nita Ambani each have Z+ security, for which they pay, but that their three children do not. However, the High Court ordered for the original threat perception and assessment file in response to a plea filed by a man by the name of Bikash Saha.

When the petition was then brought before the Supreme Court, the central government claimed that the petitioner was "simply a meddlesome outsider" and that the petition was "misconceived, frivolous, and motivated."

According to Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, who spoke to the Supreme Court on Monday, the Maharashtra government recommended that security be provided to the Ambanis, hence the Tripura High Court has no need to consider such a plea.

"Although Mukesh Ambani, his wife, and his children reside in Mumbai, the decision over whether or not to give them security was made in New Delhi. Therefore, the subject matter was wholly beyond of the state of Tripura's geographical authority "explained the Center.