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According to the most recent information, both of the apprehended suspects had planned to assassinate another businessman in the city after the brutal murder of Kanhaiya Lal. However, because the targeted businessman was out of town, their scheme was unsuccessful. Additionally, sources said that the accused had ties to the Islamic State, a banned terrorist group (IS).

The target businessman's father informed the media that on June 7, his son had written on social media in support of Nupur Sharma. He was detained when a complaint was made against him, but he was soon freed. Since June 9, a variety of people have been visiting his shop. The businessman, sensing difficulty, ceased opening his store and temporarily departed the city.

According to police officials, the suspects were a part of the plot to carry out a series of explosions in Jaipur on March 30.

According to NIA officials, both of the detained suspects may be transported to Delhi for questioning while having their mobile phones and other electronic equipment transferred for forensic analysis.

The NIA team is looking for assistance from cyber and forensic teams to obtain information on the posts and chats that both of the accused made on social media. In reality, investigations into their connections to Dawat-e-Islam are also ongoing since they were allegedly linked to Al sufa, a distant sleeper organisation of IS, via Dawat-e-Islami Mohammad Riaz in Pakistan.

Five additional individuals have been detained by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). According to sources, additional arrests will be made in this case.

A tailor named Kanhaiya Lal was killed on Tuesday by two guys who claimed in films they had uploaded online that they were retaliating for an insult to Islam.

The incident led to sporadic acts of violence throughout Udaipur, and curfew was imposed in seven of the city's police station districts. On Wednesday, Lal was cremated in the presence of a sizable crowd.