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Today, the Supreme Court ordered suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma to "apologise to the whole country" for inciting unrest with her remarks about the Prophet Muhammad.

"the manner in which she sparked feelings across the nation. The state of the nation is entirely attributable to this woman "The judges said.

Insensitive remarks made by Nupur Sharma during a TV debate earlier this month led to widespread protests in India and the summoning of Indian diplomats to deliver harsh reprimands in numerous Gulf countries. Two men shot and killed Kanhaiya Lal, a tailor in Udaipur, on camera on Tuesday after he supported Nupur Sharma in a social media post and said they were "avenging an insult to Islam," according to the men.

"We witnessed the argument on how she was incited. But it is terrible how she said all of this and then claimed to be a lawyer. She ought to apologise to the entire nation, "Justice Surya Kant stated.

Invoking threats, Nupur Sharma had asked the court to send the several FIRs registered against her across the nation to Delhi. Because of the threats, according to her attorney, she did not put her name on the petition. The judges said, "She faces threats or she has turned into a security threat."

Nupur Sharma's claim of "equal treatment" and "no discrimination" was rejected by the court.

The judges argued, "However, when you file FIRs against others, they are promptly detained, but when it's against you, nobody has tried to touch you.

The Supreme Court stated that her remarks demonstrated her "obstinate and haughty temperament."

"What if she's a party spokesperson? She believes she has additional authority, so why should she obey the law when she feels she can say whatever she wants?

Her attorney stated that she had just addressed the anchor's query during a television debate. The judges caustically retorted, "In a democracy, everyone has the right to talk," in response to the lawyer's mention of the citizens' freedom to speak. The donkey has the right to eat, and the grass has the right to flourish in a democracy.

The justification offered by Nupur Sharma that the ruling protected journalistic freedom was insufficient.

"She cannot be treated as if she were a journalist. When she criticises someone on television and makes careless words without considering the repercussions and effects they would have on society, "The Supreme Court said.