You may acquire fraudulent telecellsmartphone calls or emails claiming to return back from Amazon. Such calls or emails goal to persuade you to show touchy account statistics. Please undergo the statistics noted beneath to realize what statistics Amazon won’t ask you and the way you may away from suspicious emails or messages (Phishing), suspicious telecellsmartphone calls (Vishing), or cast websites.

Suspicious telecellsmartphone calls (Vishing)

Amazon will in no way email or name you to reveal or affirm your Amazon password, credit score card or financial institution account number, or some other private statistics.

Identifying Whether a Phone Call is from Amazon

The caller can use any statistics you screen to dedicate fraud or theft. We advise you to recollect some matters earlier than acting.

Know What Amazon Won't Ask For

We do not run any contests that require you to pay to take part or to provide your financial institution info for any lottery or coins transaction.

We do not ask for touchy Amazon account statistics, e.g., the password stored playing cards or banking account statistics along with financial institution account number, CVV, etc.

We in no way name you approximately contests or gives as they may be seen on our internet site or cell application.